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Evanston Kitchen Remodeling
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DDK offers beautiful remodel kitchen services to Chicagoland’s North Shore. Remodeled cabinets can be affordable, and you will find that DDK offers trendy styles at different price points. So, whether you’re looking for a remodel kitchen on a budget or have ultimate freedom in your design budget, our design team will give you your dream kitchen. You will see that we provide high quality remodeled kitchens before and after photos. DDK President Daniel Thompson received First Place for “Best Showroom Kitchens.” Our portfolio shows the range of remodeled kitchen ideas that Evanston residents can choose from, or we can customize something for you.

Evanston Remodeling Kitchen

Evanston, Illinois lies 12 miles north of Chicago with a population that fluctuates during the Northwestern University school year. For the 74,486 permanent residents they enjoy the North Shore and affectionately call it “Heavenston.” Evanston customers enjoy the experience and professional service they receive from DDK. We pride ourselves on the finished remodeled kitchens in Evanston and throughout the North Shore. You will get the remodeled cabinets that are smart designs in a variety of finishes. DDK wants to continue to inspire remodel kitchen designs.

Evanston Remodeled Kitchen

With DDK you can have a remodel kitchen on a budget option, or we can pull out all the stops and give you luxury remodeled cabinets that display elegant beauty with ideal function. DDK aims to please no matter what price range your remodeling kitchen budget allows. If you want amazing remodel kitchen services visit our remodel kitchen showroom. For the sophisticated remodel kitchen design you deserve, call DDK today at (847) 998-1552. Our showroom displays remodel kitchen options and is located just 7 miles from Evanston.

Evanston Remodel Kitchen | Evanston Remodeling Kitchen | Evanston Remodeled Kitchen | Evanston Remodeled Cabinets

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