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For approximately 40 years DDK Kitchen Design Group has made history with our unbelievable custom wood cabinets and fabulous wood kitchen cabinets. Our customers come from all over the Greater Chicago Metropolitan area looking for our award-winning custom wood cabinetry. We want to inspire original designs when we walk you through the process of choosing your custom wood cabinets. DDK pushes the limit to excel at designing the best wood kitchen cabinets and the custom wood cabinetry that beautifies. DDK’s President Daniel Thompson was awarded First Place for “Best Showroom Kitchens,” and one of our interior designers Jennifer Rahaley won Second Place in “Best Transitional Home Kitchen” in 2014-2015! We have worked hard to become a reliable and successful designer of custom wood cabinets, and we want our Glenview neighbors to make our wood cabinetry their first choice!

Glenview Wood Kitchen Cabinets

DDK offers an assortment of custom wood cabinets to choose from, and for those who want a ‘Green’ option, we will provide that as well. When our Glenview customers come into our DDK showroom to check out our custom kitchen cabinetry, they get a better idea of what type of wood cabinets they want. Glenview, Illinois is a Cook County suburb on the North Shore in Chicago. This affluent community has a population of 44,692 that has been recognized for their excellent public education system. Glenview residents also understand that DDK evaluates every aspect of your custom wood cabinets to make sure your custom wood cabinetry looks and functions the way it is attended.

Glenview Wood Cabinetry

DDK has upheld the highest integrity and continues to put our Glenview customer’s first! With DDK’s custom wood cabinets you can expect that value will be added to your home. The devotion you will find in our attempt to create the most magnificent wood kitchen cabinets, and custom wood cabinets are unmatched. Our diverse manufacturers offer a wide range of options when it comes to pricing and customization. DDK is recognized for our dedication to our clients and our unwavering work ethic. Stop by and look at our custom wood cabinet work that is on display. For the custom wood cabinets, you want call DDK Kitchen Design Group today, at (847) 998-1552!

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