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Looking to redesign your kitchen but don’t know where to start? DDK Kitchen Design Group specializes in custom wood kitchen cabinets and has been a leading company in the cabinetry industry for the past 40 years. Our custom wood cabinet design team offers a variety of wood cabinetry products and services to the Greater Chicago Metro area and surrounding counties, including Niles. Our award-winning custom wood cabinet design team will work with you to uniquely design your custom cabinets. From allowing you to choose from various custom cabinet manufacturers to selecting your preferred tint, color or shade of paint, our design team will work with you to determine the cabinets that will complement your kitchen. DDK is a known customer-oriented, trustworthy company. Residents of Niles call us today and start the process towards your customized kitchen with DDK!

Niles Wood Kitchen Cabinets

Niles is a village in Cook County, Illinois. With a population of approximately 30,000 residents, Niles, Illinois is just between 6 and 11 miles from our showrooms located in the cities of Glenview and Wilmette. Stop by our showrooms at your convenience and experience, first hand, our customer-centered service. Come view our assortment of custom wood cabinets available, to include our eco-friendly cabinets favored by many of our customers. DDK will be attentive to your desires and will work towards avoiding any unnecessary cost and delays. We are willing and ready to work with you to make sure you get the custom wood cabinets that will meet and exceed your expectations. Niles residents call us today and start your journey towards a newly designed kitchen!

Niles Wood Cabinetry

We at DDK maintain the highest standards of products and services, in addition we offer a variety of custom wood cabinets, not only in style and color but design and functionality. Our custom wood cabinets are innovative and will surprise you! We will help you through the entire process. From the cabinet selection to customization, to the delivery of all the materials purchased and the installation process, DDK will be right there to provide guidance and support! Our DDK team is talented, knowledgeable, dedicated and caring. We will meet with you and provide you with a consultation and an estimate of all custom wood cabinets. Each cabinet is thoroughly inspected to secure product quality. Contact the leading custom wood cabinetry company today by calling DDK Kitchen Design Group at (847) 998-1552!

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