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DDK Kitchen Design Group is an award-winning, industry-leading, custom wood kitchen cabinet company. If you are looking for a customer-centered company to help you customize your kitchen cabinets, DDK is the company you need! Our custom wood cabinets design team takes the time to review your customization requests and generates the wood cabinetry you’ve selected. From the tint to the shade or color of paint, to the style you desire, we make sure the wood cabinets are what you want. Furthermore, to provide a range of customization opportunities we allow our clients to select from various manufacturers of custom wood cabinets that will complement their kitchens. We proudly serve the Greater Chicago Metro area and outskirts and look forward to providing the residents of Wheeling with continued service.

Wheeling Wood Kitchen Cabinets

Located approximately 10 and 13 miles of our showrooms in Glenville and Wilmette, Illinois, Wheeling is a suburb of Chicago. We invite the residents of Wheeling to visit our showrooms and experience the customer friendly environment and personal care that is demonstrated by our custom wood cabinet team associates. There you will be exposed to an assortment of wood cabinet options available to you, to include our eco-friendly wood cabinets loved by many of our customers. Our materials are inspected, and the quality of service and product you will receive from DDK’s team members will be bar none! We look forward to serving you, residents of Wheeling, and hope you contact us today!

Wheeling Wood Cabinetry

For the past 40 years, DDK has been a leader in the custom wood cabinet industry. Our high standards and uncompromising craftsmanship have enabled us to remain a top provider of custom wood cabinets. We will help you through the entire process from start to finish. We will assist with the customization process, design and selection of your wood cabinets. We will take care of the delivery of all the materials purchased, to the installation and the labor schedule, all around, we will have you taken care of! You will be pleased and appreciate the innovative styles of wood cabinetry that offers various functionalities. DDK is happy to provide you with a consultation and estimate. Don’t delay and call DDK Kitchen Design Group today, at (847) 998-1552!

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