White Kitchens: How to use color accents to avoid the “snowball in a snowstorm” effect

We design and sell a lot of white kitchens. In 2018, 85% of all our kitchen were white. That’s not a problem. When our customers request a white kitchen, our job is to provide the greatest white kitchen possible for that house.

Starting with white is just a beginning step. The key is to find complimentary accents and colors to reduce the “snowball in a snowstorm” effect. Oftentimes we will change the color of the island. Two tone kitchens can add drama to a stark white palette. We can also add rustic, wooden open shelves to create some definition to the room.

The key is to find complimentary accents and colors for your white kitchen

Finding just the right countertop is essential for an all-white kitchen. Don’t be afraid of adding a dynamic color or texture to the counters. The backsplash tile is another place to create interest. Adding a splash of color to the space between the counters and the upper cabinets can change the potential starkness of a white space to a fresh, stylish and unique kitchen.

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