Our Top Five Secrets Behind Kitchen Remodels that go Smoothly from Start to Finish

We’ve been doing kitchens since 1978. In fact, we just finished our 5,000th kitchen. Now that’s a lot of kitchens!

Throughout all these years, we have maintained the same team of carpenters. Now that is remarkable. This means that overall this time, our team has worked with us to hone our processes, reduce the construction time and get the best results.

So is our long-standing and dedicated team the secret behind the 5000+ expertly crafted, custom kitchens by DDK? In short…yes…and let me share with you some of the processes we have refined over the years to produce the excellence of which we are so proud.

1. All of our designers are thoroughly trained for each of our three cabinet suppliers. Three is the magic number. I believe it is impossible to be really knowledgeable with more than three cabinet manufacturers. Three is the magic number. I believe it is impossible to be really knowledgeable with more than three cabinet manufacturers.

2. Every order is critiqued by two people before it gets sent to the manufacturer. There is tremendous detail involved in writing the cabinet order to make sure we have communicated exactly what our customer envisions.

3. All the cabinets are onsite before the job even begins. What happens if the truck gets delayed at customs? What happens if the truck gets into an accident and the cabinets get damaged? What about if the manufacturer is running long on delivery? These things can create unnecessary delays in your project. We prioritize our customers and take the precautions to avoid these inconveniences to you.

4. All the appliances are onsite. It’s not unusual that the appliance specs change between the time they are ordered and the time they arrive. Plus, this practice allows the contractor to physically see how and where to make the electrical connections before proceeding with the project. Again, this ensures accuracy and avoids inconvenient delays for you.

5. The designer visits the job site. This is key to sticking to your vision. Most importantly, it allows you, the homeowner, to ask any questions or voice your concerns directly to the designer while the project progresses. Better yet, all of our designers are excellent problem solvers. If unanticipated issues should crop up during installation, they each have a track record of finding creative solutions.

At DDK we understand remodeling your kitchen is a big deal. You want value for the price and your new kitchen should be stunning. You have a vision, and you may have already spent time planning. We know there is a lot of communication involved. Think of DDK as the conduit between you, the cabinet maker, and the installer. We keep those lines of communication open during the project for a more successful final result.

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