I got a guy…

I got a guy…

I like to say remodeling a kitchen is a “big boy” project. This is best done by contractors that specialize exclusively in kitchens. The toughest part of our job is dealing with carpenters that just don’t have the skills or patience to install kitchens well. This isn’t like HGTV where the whole process takes place in a one-hour show. We understand high-quality customized kitchens take time to be done correctly. You may be surprised that even the demolition process has to be done just right.

We don’t come into your home and start ripping and shredding existing walls and cabinetry. If the cabinets were screwed to the walls originally, they should be unscrewed when they come down. Electrical and plumbing pipes shouldn’t be just torn out. They have to be removed carefully and correctly.

Even installing a cabinet may at first seem as simple to some as finding a stud and driving a couple of screws. What could go wrong? some may ask until your walls are not plumb and true…or the floors run downhill a little. Then you need a carpenter with the ability to overcome these obstacles and get the cabinets aligned perfectly. It seems pretty basic until you end up with an 11″ gap between the wall and a cabinet. Don’t even get me started with poorly installed crown molding. At DDK we understand properly installing crown molding is an art unto itself.

Our installers are kitchen professionals. It is all they do. They use lasers to make sure the cabinets are perfectly level. They use shims to make sure the cabinets are plumb which ensures the cabinet doors can be perfectly aligned at the end of the project. Our expert kitchen installation team is just one of the reasons DDK kitchens are of the highest quality — from the support structure holding everything in place up to the gorgeous details you can enjoy each day.

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